The top hotel for your holiday as a twosome amid the greenery

Quiet and authentic hideaway, just a few minutes from the beach.
Living the experience at S’Arenada is like feeling at home.

S’Arenada isn’t a hotel, it’s an elegant villa for a stay as twosome for everyone looking for peace and quiet, for whoever wants to hide away in the greenery, enjoy a garden full of Mediterranean scents just a few minutes from the wonderful beaches and the crystal-clear sea of Villasimius.

Privacy is one of our strong points : S’Arenada is the ideal place to relax for whoever, coming back from the beach, wants to be in a quiet setting away from everything and everybody: we have only 8 rooms, nobody will disturb you.

The villa is furnished with taste, the furniture is handmade and stylish, the rooms are in Sardinian style, with green, turquoise, pink and grey-white fabrics.

Another strong point of our hotel is the large and very green garden, with citrus trees, olive trees and Mediterranean shrubs, which surround our premises.

From any balcony you can even admire the beautiful countryside of the plain of Campus and of the surrounding hills, with brilliant colors, the perfume of the maquis is intense, the twittering of the birds is restful.


S'arenada Hotel Villasimius Alessandra e Trilly

Trilly and I

I am Alessandra and I am the owner of S’Arenada Hotel.

What can I say?
I love my job. I love welcoming our guests. I love Sardinia and I love Villasimius and my garden.
I feel really great when I’m here, and it’s very important to me for the guests to feel just as happy.

Here above are some of the great reviews that I’ve received over the years and which still fill my heart with joy and make me love my job even more.
For me it’s most important that guests feel at home and enjoy a serene stay and at the same time an unforgettable one.


Villasimius is a celebrated tourist locality, the beaches and the village are very well known and much visited. But when you come back to S’Arenada you find a special setting, nearly magical!

Time passes in a different way among the scents of nature and you find yourself completely separate from the rest of the world.

I was born in Villasimius and I live here all year and I am here to recommend things to you, tell you about Villasimius, its history and all the activities you can enjoy during your stay at our hotel.

No overcrowding

No mass tourism

Independent entry into hotel and rooms

Max privacy and discretion

Unlike most hotels we manage to create a true home environment

Many furnishings and fittings were handmade by my father

No houses or buildings around the hotel

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